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From Backache to Heartache

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Four quick, effective techniques for dealing
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Nicola Quinn

From Nicola Quinn: Author, Life Without Panic Attacks, Energy Therapies Trainer, Reiki Master, Homoeopathic and Nutritional Consultant. Director of The Association for Meridian Energy Therapies, Co-Founder The Sidereus Foundation, Director of The StarFields Network.

My name is Nicola Quinn and I hate pain! In fact I am such a wimp I have spent nearly 30 years researching pain relief techniques and am now an expert on almost every single pain relieving technique, machine, tool and protocol available on this planet.

So I can guarantee the four techniques in my book Alternative Pain Relief are tried and tested and have shown very positive and real benefits to many thousands of people worldwide. I even co-created one of them, EmoTrance, I am so dedicated to the cause!

Alternative Pain Relief teaches you how to relieve both physical and emotional pain. Most people underestimate the nasty effects stress can have on their overall health. Happy people are healthy people and those who can change their emotions at will get less overwhelmed and are better equipped to cope with everyday life. Happy people suffer far less from the usual aches, pains and niggles and using techniques to stay stress free helps prevent more serious illnesses longterm which is why learning how to handle your emotions is an essential part of maintaining excellent health.

I have taught these simple techniques to thousands of people over the years which has given them back powerful control over their lives and I personally wouldn't be without these astonishing gems. Each technique is a star in its own right and worth its weight in gold. You too can learn how to relieve physical pain and how to release the weight of negative emotions to bring more health and happiness into your life.

My very best wishes to you,


If you or a loved one suffer from:

  • Back pain
  • IBS
  • Colic
  • Migraines
  • Muscular pain
  • Sciatica
  • Post-operative pain
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Allergies
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Chronic Pain
  • Phobias
  • Addictions
  • Relationship pain
  • Fear
  • Anxiety

Then you need this book!

Four cutting edge therapies that don't just mask pain but often deal with the root cause.

Four simple to use yet profound self-help techniques that eliminate physical and emotional pain.

Three unique free bonus demonstration mp3s to get you started,
recorded especially to accompany this book.

Eliminates pain in moments
Learn to numb any area in seconds
Rid yourself of fears and phobias
Release bad feelings and old burdens

Written by an expert with 30 years experience in pain management.

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"Thanks so much Nicola. The (back) pain was gone with a couple of treatments, it's such a relief not to be taking Diclofenac anymore, it played havoc with my digestion and just yesterday I used it on my son while we were waiting in A&E to have his head stitched up. The doctor was amazed how little swelling there was and I got Sean to numb the area for the injections and stitches and he felt nothing! Just had to write and let you know how grateful I am to you." Audrey, East Sussex

"The gnawing pain I had in my chest since my husband left 5 years ago just disappeared, thankyou for giving me my life back!" Joy, Derbyshire

On its own each technique is priceless,
combined, they are a treasure chest of knowledge that will set you free.

If you are suffering from chronic pain, either physical or emotional,
you can start sorting out your life today.

Rid yourself of the unbearable weight that pain causes,
that drags you down day after day.



"Hi Nicola

I am blown away by how the Gentle Touch Technique works! I am a massage therapist and have used it with a few clients incorporating it into the massage. I normally tend to do a lot of deep tissue work (for clients who want/need/like it) to release tightened muscles and at the end of the day, I really feel it.

So not only has it helped me enormously with my own pain, my clients are amazed at how such a light and pain free technique can make such a difference.

It is also less strain on my body. I get the same if not better results with a few minutes of Gentle Touch, say on the shoulder than if I had done the usual deep pressure work which is often accompanied by pain. I can also recommend they do it themselves at home in between appointments. It's all very exciting.

My mum has had chronic groin pain since she had hip replacement surgery a couple of years ago. I spent about 5 minutes on it and she felt a huge improvement.

Thank you so much Nicola for introducing me to this technique. My mind is racing with ideas of what I can use it for."

Angie Muccillo, Australia
Author, Tapping For Kids

If you are a mother, you need this book.
If you are a carer, you need this book.
If you are a human being, you need this book!

You won't find these 4 powerful therapies collected together in one book anywhere else.

When you buy Alternative Pain Relief for instant download you will soon be able to:

Alternative Pain Relief Quickly relieve acute aches and pains.

Alternative Pain Relief Experience freedom from chronic pain.

Alternative Pain Relief Learn how to change your mood in moments.

Alternative Pain Relief Find out how to overcome addictions and phobias.

Alternative Pain Relief Discover a simple technique to re-align the spine.

Alternative Pain Relief Gain a deeper understanding of how pain works.

Alternative Pain Relief Heal yourself, family and friends.

Alternative Pain Relief And all without drugs!

Buy this eco-friendly ebook NOW for just $47.00 US
and start living life PAIN FREE!

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"I'd tried EFT before but your way of explaining it and your helpful suggestions has made it work for me for the first time, thank you so much." Helen, Ottery St. Mary


Antonia Chitty
"Everyone would love to be able to heal themselves. However cynical you may be about healing, isn't there part of you that would like to be able to do it? In this new book, Nicola Quinn explains about four simple healing systems and how you can use them on yourself to relieve everyday aches and pains.

Quinn's approach is clear and easy to understand. She gives good, common sense advice that is missed in some books on healing when she points out that not all conditions can be healed in this way, and there are times when you should call an ambulance or head for the doctor. She then goes on to explain how some pain relief therapies can be used while waiting for medical help."

Antonia Chitty
Author, Family Friendly Working, A Guide to Promoting Your Business


Most pain relieving and anti-inflammatory drugs have many
unpleasant side effects and can be highly addictive and over time become less effective.

Get out of the vicious circle of dependancy on these harsh and un-user-friendly drugs now.


Just four simple techniques you can do yourself, anywhere.

"Chronic pain is an illness in itself, one that can be successfully treated."
Dr. Angel Escudero, creator of Noesitherapy


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"The Gentle Touch relieved the agony of my hemorrhoids instantly! I have to do it a few times a month but hey, so what, nothing else I've ever tried has worked and its not like its a big deal to do :)" Gene, Dallas

"The colic tip worked brilliantly, thanks. He slept through the night for the first time ever!" Simone, Greater Manchester

Put the sparkle back into your life!

Add a spring to your step and joy to your heart once more.

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